Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Crochet and spikes

Hi everyone!
First of all, I am so sorry again that I haven't posted in almost a week. It's been due to a skiing excursion with school and carnival that there just were no fashionable clothes to show you guys. Anyway, I am on vacation now and finally it started becoming a bit warmer in Italy, so that I finally could wear ballet flats and tights. The crochet shorts and the spiky bracelet are new purchases and the top is my favourite top that you've already been seeing a lot on my blog.
This upcoming week is going to be quite exciting: Due to academic reasons, I am flying to London for a couple of days. Currently there is the Fashion Week taking place in London, which makes it even more fun. I'll probably be running around with my camera taking some street style pictures, so definitely stay tuned!

crochet shorts: Zara / oversized top: Brandy & Melville / ballet flats: Zara / braclet: Asos / watch: DoroChrom

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Cold saturdays

Hi everyone!
How are you all doing? I'm doing fine again, thank you guys a lot for being so sweet and wishing me to get well!
I'm sorry for not having posted this week, but there have been some unexpected, quite exciting things happening, so that I just couldn't get round to take pictures and post them. From a fashionable point of view, this week has been very difficult anyway: As you guys might know, it's been bitingly cold in southern Europe lately. I like winter and I love snow, but with the temperatures being so low it's really difficult wearing anything else than UGGs, thick sweatshirts that I got when I was in Canada and lots of layers underneath. But since yesterday I spent the whole afternoon and the whole evening shopping and chilling with some of my girlfriends, I tried to put together a look that was slighlty more fashionable.

Poncho: Zara / Top: Brandy & Melville / Jeggings: Abercrombie & Fitch / Over-the-knee-socks: Calzedonia / Over-the-knee-boots: Alluminio / Berret: ?

I obviously read each and every single comment and try to check out all of your blogs ASAP!

Montag, 6. Februar 2012

Today I'm feeling edgy

Hi everyone!
How was your weekend? I went out of town with my boyfriend, so mine was pretty awesome. However today I got up and felt really ill, so spent most of today in my bed. When I was not sleeping, I did some school stuff and I shot the pictures for my requested wardrobe post, but unfortunately they turned out very bad, so I'll re-shoot my wardrobe tomorrow. I was feeling a bit better in the evening, so I decided to go to my uncle's birthday party - and got home early, because I was not feeling very well again. Anyway, I don't want to whine about it, so here's what I wore:

Jeggings: Abercrombie & Fitch / plaid shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch / t-shirt: too stupid to identify the brand / boots: ASH / necklace: Accessoirize

Again, thank you guys a million for commenting and following! I'm definitely going to check all your blogs ASAP - I'm always curious to see your taste and style and to meet new, inspiring people!

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012


Hi everyone!
This is just a short post showing you my outfit of the day that I wore for school and hanging out with friends. The knot in the sweater might not be everybody's cup of tea, but personally I like the texture that it adds to the fabric and also how it gives the sweater a more emphasizing fit.
Anyway, I have to tell you guys a HUGE THANK YOU! This week I reached 50 followers, which is totally awesome! Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me - I'm doing this because it's fun and because I'm passionate about fashion and it's gratifying to see that people like what I'm doing here. So thanks a lot again! You guys rock!

sweater: Brandy & Melville / biker-leggings: noname / over the knee boots: Alluminio / Infinityscarf: noname / bracelets: Accessorize & Marc Jacobs

One more thing: In my previous post I mentioned that I got a new closet/wardrobe and some of you requested me to show it - would you prefer to have just a quick over-view or a whole post dedicated to it? If the latter is the case, would you prefer a video or just pictures and written explenations?
Have a nice evening y'all!

Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

One swallow doesn't make a summer

Hi guys!
How are you? I'm great! This week was full of exams and parties and to top it up, I got new furniture and could therefore not use my room properly from Wednesday to today. Today I put the last things in my new wardrobe/closet and I must say that I'm really, really satisfied! The outfit that I'm showing you today is the one that I wore to school yesterday - and yes, I have to go to school on Saturdays. The thing I love most about it is the swallow-necklace; I am obsessed with swallows, 'cause they remind me of  spring, summer and basically just freedom. If I were to get a tattoo, it would probably be a swallow. I honestly can't wait for summer and I've already started shopping stuff that I'm sort of incorporating into my winter outfits.
Have a great evening and a good start into the new week!

Ciao a tutti!
Come state? Io benissimo! La scorsa settimana è stata piena di verifiche e feste e visto che non bastava ho anche cambiato i mobili. Per questo la mia stanza era fuori uso da mercoledì fino a oggi quando ho portato tutti i miei vestiti nel mio nuovo armadio. Metterli in ordine era un grandissimo lavoro, ma devo dire che sono veramente soddisfatta con la mia nuova stanza! Il look che vi presento oggi ho portato ieri a scuola. La cosa che amo di più è la collanina con le rondini: Adoro le rondini, mi fanno venire in mente la primavera, l'estate e sostanzialmente la libertà. Se mi facessi fare un tatuaggio, sarebbe probabilmente una rondine. Non vedo davvero l'ora che diventi estate - ho già iniziato a comprare qualcosina che ancora abino con i vestiti invernali, perchè purtroppo continua a far freddo.
Buona serata e buon inizio settimana!

Jeggings: Abercrombie & Fitch / Top: Brandy & Melville / Boots: Strategia / Necklace: Accessoirize / Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Feeling nerdy

Hi everyone!
How are you doing? I'm fine - after all, this wasn't such a bad Monday. This week's schedule is quite tight for me 'cause I've got quite some tests and exams (right now I should be studying physics), but also some parties and get-togethers going on.
Anyway, if you guys follow me on Twitter/Instagram you might have seen that I finally got a wide angle lense for my camera. The pictures in this post were shot with it, so let me know what you think of the quality! As for my outfit, I'm feeling kind of nerdy today, so wore very basic stuff brightened up by some accessoires like tons of bracelets (even if they don't look like they were so many) and my beanie. This is a specific school outfit, so it's kind of toned down 'cause I think that school isn't the best place for dressing up. Same thing for make up, I don't like wearing a lot of make up to school - foundation and mascara is all I need. What styling do you girls prefer for school?
Have a great night!!

Jeggings: Abercrombie & Fitch / Top: Zara / Tantop: Hollister / Cashmere Cardigan: Mango / Backpack: Eastpack / Over-the-knee-boots: Allumninio / Beanie & Bracelets: ?


Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

Gala night

Hi everyone!
Long time, no see I guess... Well, as I kept writing in my previous posts, last week was just beyond draining because my classmates and I were throwing a gala night on Saturday, which turned out really nice. I'd been working all week long and I didn't do much else during the gala night, but we were able to reach our main goal, which was to be good hosts and make our about 2000 guests enjoy the evening. Right after the gala night, I got ill - I was at home in bed with a temperature and a strong headache. I fortunately recovered soon and today I could go back to school - I don't have any pictures of my outfit of the day, but I figured I was going to share a few pictures of the gala night and my dress. Voilà!

Buonasera a tutti!
E' da un po' che non ho scritto nulla qui - come ho detto nei miei ultimi post, la scorsa settimana era davvero stressante per il ballo che i miei compagni di classe e io abbiamo organizzato per sabato scorso. Pare che sia stata una serata molto bella - io ho lavorato tutta la settimana e anche tutta la notte del ballo, ma siamo riusciti a raggiungere il nostro obiettivo principale, il quale era di rendere felici i nostri ca. 2000 ospiti. Subito dopo il ballo ho preso la febbre e un mal di testa tremendo, ma sono guarita alla svelta e oggi sono tornata a scuola. Non ho foto del mio look di oggi, ma pensavo che potrei farvi vedere qualche foto del ballo... Voilà!

 Dress: Talbot Runhof / Purse: Liu Jo / My boyfriend's suit: Massimo Rebecchi/ nailpolish: Chanel's Rouge Lotus

Also, I have been given from two other bloggers Liebster Blog and the Kreativ Blog awards. I definitely want to thank these two bloggers by mentioning them here because it really means a lot to me that they chose me for their awards. They are:

I really recommend both of their blogs, they're very fun and interesting to read, especially if you're like me a lot into fashion! Please check them out, they're worth it!


Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

Long hours

Hi everyone!
How's your week been so far? Mine's been extremely stressful - organizing our event is taking every minute of my (free) time and I've been working all day and all night. Today was a bit more of a "calm" day, which means that by now (10:00 PM) I don't have anything to organize or to prepare and can finally devote some time to my blog. Well, this is just showing you guys my outfit of the day - when you have to run a lot between different places and long hours, comfort goes first. I feel like lately leggings/jeggings and oversized tops are getting sort of my signature look - probably because it's the best way to look somehow stylish but still be comfortable. What do you guys wear for long and demanding days?
Wish you all a nice evening!

Ciao a tutti!
Come vi è andata fin'ora questa settimana? Devo ammettere che la mia è molto più impegnativa che pensassi. L'evento che stiamo organizzando richiede ogni minuto libero e sto lavorando giorno e notte. Per fortuna oggi era una giornata un po' più "calma" - il che vuol dire che in questo momento, alle dieci di sera, finalmente non ho niente di particolare da organizzare o da preparare e quindi posso finalmente dedicarmi al mio blog. Vi faccio di nuovo vedere un paio di foto del mio outfit di oggi - quando c'è da correre tanto e lavorare ancora di più, la cosa più importante per me è essere comoda. Quasi quasi mi sembra che ultimamente tutti i miei outfit siano composti da leggings/jeggings abinati con dei maglioni larghi. Probabilmente perchè è il miglior modo per stare comodi nonostante di portare un look abbastanza "stiloso". Voi cosa indossate per le giornate lunghe ed affanose?
Vi auguro una buona serata!

Sorry guys but I had the weirdest face expression ever!!

 Top and necklace: Brandy & Melville / Leggings: Zara / Cardigan: Zara/ Boots: Strategia / Silver bracelet: Accessoirize

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By the way, thank you to everyone who subscribed and/or left comments! It really means a lot to me and motivates me to keep going with this. I promise I'll check all of your blogs - with this event coming up it's not easy and it might take me until it is over, but I'll try my best! Thanks a million again!


Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Lazy Sunday

Good evening everyone!
Everything alright? For me not at all - tomorrow I start school again and I really lack motivation. A part from take-away McDonald's I spent my day at home studying and later watching tv with my mum and my sister. I kind of needed a lazy day before this stressful week starts - on Saturday my prom is taking place and it needs to be organized perfectly. Since it was such a calm and relaxed day I wore also an outfit that is just as laid-back: a pair of jeggings, a comfy oversize-sweater and my black studded lace-up boots.
Have a good night guys!

Buonasera a tutti!
Tutto bene da voi? Da me no, per niente - domani riprendo con la scuola e dire che ho zero voglia sarebbe un eufemismo. Un salto da McDrive a parte, ho passato il giorno dedicandomi alla mia tesina per la maturità e più tardi guardando la tv con mia mamma e mia sorella. Ho passato una giornata calma e tranquilla prima dello stress che arriverà questa settimana causato dal mio ballo di maturità che si terrà sabato. Il mio outfit è altrettanto sciallo: un paio di jeggings, un maglione comodo e degli stivali robusti.
Buona serata!

Jeggings: Abercrombie & Fitch / Sweater: Brandy & Melville / Boots: ASH / Tanktop: Intimissimi / bracelets: Marc by Marc Jacobs and Stroili Oro


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Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Stormy days

Hi everyone,
how are you guys doing? I have a terrible cold and the weather outside is rather stormy, so I was most of the time inside. I actually only went out for dinner with my mum - I wanted to wear my new, nude heels, but right before I could step outside the door I noticed that it was starting to rain/snow, so I put on a pair of boots instead, which unfortunately you can't see on the pictures 'cause they'd been taken before, but I posted a picture on Twitter/Instagram where you can see them. Besides that, the outfit-pictures are not perfect at all, I absolutely need to figure out a way on how I can take better pictures. Any tipps? :)
Have a nice evening

Ciao a tutti!
Si, ho deciso di rendere il mio blog bilingue e spero vi piaccia. Voi come state? Io ho un raffreddore tremendo e il tempo non è il massimo, perciò ho passato la maggior parte della giornata a casa. Per cena sono uscita con mia mamma e volevo portare le mie nuove scarpe (che vedete nelle foto), ma proprio nel momento in cui stavo uscendo ho visto che era iniziato a piovere/nevicare quindi per forza mi sono dovuta mettere un paio di stivali più resistenti. In foto non si vedono, ma più tardi ho caricato una foto su Twitter/Instagram. A parte questo, non sono affatto soddisfatta dalla qualità delle foto dei miei outfit e devo davvero trovare un modo per scattare delle foto più belle... Avete qualche consiglio per me? :)
Vi auguro una buona serata e spero di rivedervi presto qui!

Leggings: Zara / Oversize-Sweater: Brandy & Melville / Infityscarf: ?? / Shoes: Roberto Festa / Bracelets: Accessorize & Stroili Oro / Watch: DoroChrom


Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

What I wore on New Year's Eve

Hi everyone,

first of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I hope you guys had a great evening and a nice start into 2012! I spent the evening at a friend's house together with my boyfriend and some friends - we had great food, lots of drinks and of course also a lot of fun! In the previous post I've shown you guys my new dress, which I ended up wearing last night and this is what it looked like: