Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

Long hours

Hi everyone!
How's your week been so far? Mine's been extremely stressful - organizing our event is taking every minute of my (free) time and I've been working all day and all night. Today was a bit more of a "calm" day, which means that by now (10:00 PM) I don't have anything to organize or to prepare and can finally devote some time to my blog. Well, this is just showing you guys my outfit of the day - when you have to run a lot between different places and long hours, comfort goes first. I feel like lately leggings/jeggings and oversized tops are getting sort of my signature look - probably because it's the best way to look somehow stylish but still be comfortable. What do you guys wear for long and demanding days?
Wish you all a nice evening!

Ciao a tutti!
Come vi è andata fin'ora questa settimana? Devo ammettere che la mia è molto più impegnativa che pensassi. L'evento che stiamo organizzando richiede ogni minuto libero e sto lavorando giorno e notte. Per fortuna oggi era una giornata un po' più "calma" - il che vuol dire che in questo momento, alle dieci di sera, finalmente non ho niente di particolare da organizzare o da preparare e quindi posso finalmente dedicarmi al mio blog. Vi faccio di nuovo vedere un paio di foto del mio outfit di oggi - quando c'è da correre tanto e lavorare ancora di più, la cosa più importante per me è essere comoda. Quasi quasi mi sembra che ultimamente tutti i miei outfit siano composti da leggings/jeggings abinati con dei maglioni larghi. Probabilmente perchè è il miglior modo per stare comodi nonostante di portare un look abbastanza "stiloso". Voi cosa indossate per le giornate lunghe ed affanose?
Vi auguro una buona serata!

Sorry guys but I had the weirdest face expression ever!!

 Top and necklace: Brandy & Melville / Leggings: Zara / Cardigan: Zara/ Boots: Strategia / Silver bracelet: Accessoirize

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By the way, thank you to everyone who subscribed and/or left comments! It really means a lot to me and motivates me to keep going with this. I promise I'll check all of your blogs - with this event coming up it's not easy and it might take me until it is over, but I'll try my best! Thanks a million again!



  1. You like tired but beautiful as always!!!

    I know what you mean about headbands... Something similar happens to me... You just need to find the right one and the right hair style...


  2. You have such a pretty face, why do you hide it? I have a stressful week too and I'm looking for the weekend! :)
    Check out also my outfits, please: If you like them, please follow my blog via GFC. I'll be happy to follow you back. (;

  3. there's nothing wrong with leggings and an oversized top! lovinggg your outfits :)

  4. Hi sweety! I love your blog so I've called you one of my favourite bloggers for the Liebster Award!!!

    Visit my blog and take a look!

    I hope you're glad for this!



  5. I love over sized top and skinny jean/leggings too! You look amazing and love your style! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  6. simply chic

    and thanks a lot :)

  7. I really like your blog! and style! You should check my blog out! thanks!

    P.S. I'm a new follpwer!

  8. love this casual look! :) I practically live in oversized sweaters and jeans on my lazy days :p

  9. I love that top! Your whole look is very casual chic

    xo Gillie