Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

New arrival!

Hi girls,

in my town there is just one decent clothing shop and a few days ago, I saw a really pretty dress there which I wanted to try and eventually buy today. They turned however out to not have my size anymore so I tried on a couple of other dresses and came across this one... It doesn't actually look very special when it's just hanging, but once you put it on it's amazing: It shapes the body in a really sexy way. I'm quite sure that I'm going to wear this dress for NYE even if it's not sparkly - but it containes some lace and as you guys might have noticed, I'm obsessed with lace!

Dress: Denny Rose


Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

How to: Go stylish, comfy and warm through winter vacation

Hey guys!
It's been quite a while again which is due to the massive amount of family get-togethers in the past days - winter vacations are always like this: You eat a lot, it's freaking cold (at least where I live) and you spend lots of time with your friends/family. This is why I thought I'd create these four stylish, warm and comfy winter outfits to give you guys an idea of what you could wear during this period:

vacation idea no. 1

This is a very basic outfit, for when you're just hanging out at some friend's place with a nice movie and hot chocolate. As you guys might have noticed, I'm huge on jeggings - I think they are just the most comfortable way to look stylish. This winter boat-neck sweaters and tops are really in, which is why I chose this one - it actually is from Gucci, but honestly, you can find them everywhere! As for shoes, flat ankle boots are one of my big loves, because it's amazing how versitile they are; you can wear them during summer and during winter with really everything! Since it's probably quite cold, you don't want to forget about a nice scarf. This outfit would look great with a long, golden necklace - other than that, I'd keep the jewellery simple. When you go to a friend's house, you want a nice purse, that's not too large, but still fits everything you need - the Speedy by Louis Vuitton is a great choice and talking out of experience I can say that it is a wonderful bag! And last but not least: Don't forget about a pair of nice and warm socks, 'cause I find it kind of rude to walk around in shoes in other people's houses, even when it's cold.

vacations idea no. 2

A-lined dresses and skirts are really in this season - and I am in love with them 'cause they're extremely feminine and comfy at the same time. By adding a warm, cropped sweater you not only add a warm layer, but also another trendy piece. I love the way cropped sweaters accentuate the waistline - if you really want to emphasize this part of your body, try adding a narrow belt. Knit over-the-knee socks are sexy and really warm at the same time - depending on where you live you can either wear them on your bare skin or above some tights. Some lace-up ankle boots complete the look - if you want to create the appearance of longer legs, try sticking with the same color as the over-the-knee socks. A beanie and a scarf will keep you warm and add another bit of playfulness to this outfit. 

vacation idea no. 3

This third idea is a great outfit for shopping with your girls and also for a date with your special other. As I said, A-lined skirts are very fashionable - if you do however for any reason not like them, you can always go with a short and tight pencil-skirt. I love large stripes like the ones of this sweater - make sure you tuck the sweater into your skirt and if you choose the A-lined skirt, then I recommend adding a waist-belt to emphasize the narrow waist. In order to keep you warm and cosy, you can layer a wool or cashmere coat over the rest of the outfit. For this, I'd wear some normal semi-opaque black tights and above them, some knee-high socks with some playful detailing i.e. bows; this makes your look really unique and sexy. I've already chosen these shoes for another more formal outfit a few posts ago - this time I wanted to show how you could wear something preppy for everyday. I would recommend keeping the jewellery simple but definitely visible, using for exemple a long gemstone-necklace. A nice pair of leather gloves, a big bag and some cat-eye sunglasses and your ready to go!

vacation idea no. 4

This last outfit is what I'd wear when it's really cold and there's nothing you actually can do besides staying inside at someone's place playing video games. I chose a pair of simple skinny jeans and a large, warm cashmere-sweater. This is really simple, so to add a bit of colour you could try going with a patterned scarf; here I've used a big leo-scarf. Depending on your preference you can layer a coat or a down-jacket on top - my personal experience is that down is warmer than any other fabric, which is why after many years of coats I've switched back to down-jackets. There's nothing warmer than UGG-boots and unless it is snowing (they are kind of slippery!) they are my No. 1 go-to shoes during winter. Since this is just a house-outfit, I'd avoid too much jewellery - this necklace is perfect, 'cause it's simple and elegant at the same time. A pair of warm house shoes is the perfect choice to look cute and keep your feet warm.

Which one do you like best/is most your style?
Hope you guys have an awesome vacation!

Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011

What I wore on Christmas Eve...

Hi guys,

to all those of you, who celebrate it: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I've just come home from my grandmother's house, where we had dinner and celebrated with most of my aunts, uncles and cousins. As always, I really enjoyed this nice get-together - I have a quite large family, so it doesn't happen too often that I get to see almost all of them at once.
In my previous post I showed you a few ideas of mine of how to wear lace on Christmas Eve - here is, what my festive lace-outfit looked like:

Dress: Zara - Cardigan: Mango - Watch: Calvin Klein - Sandals: Stuart Weitzman - Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

Hope you guys are having a great time with your families too, whether you celebrate Christmas or not!

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

How to: Rock lace on Christmas Eve (or other winter-holidays)

Hi guys!

A week ago, I did a trend-inspired post, which featured three outfits containing sequins for New Year's Eve parties. That post was quite popular, which is why I decided to post something very similar. This time it's all about another current trend: Lace! I think I mentioned before that I am absolutely obsessed with lace, which is why I really enjoyed preparing this post. Since the holidays are getting closer and probably many of you are going to some kind of family get-together, I figured that would be the best occasion to wear these outfits, but of course you can wear them whenever you feel like!

Christmas Eve Idea I

This outfit is more or less what I am going to wear on Christmas Eve when I'm having dinner with my whole family. Black lace-dresses that are see-through at your arms and maybe on your decolletè are extremely elegant and sexy at the same time. For a family-event, I'd suggest wearing at least semi-opaque black tights, for a party with friends or a date you can also pull of wearing something that shows a bit more skin. As for shoes, I'd stick with something very classy and elegant like these stilettos - I really like the bow, I think it's a funny, flirty detail. A black or grey cardigan looks best over the dress, 'cause it doesn't take the focus off the dress. I would wear little, but nice and elegant jewellery, such as a pair of pearl-studs and a nice necklace (which you find maybe underneath the tree?). To give your make-up a festive touch, a dark-red, almost plum-colored lipstick is great. I really love the nailpolish from Chanel's Christmas-collection - it's pretty and festive with all it's gold glitters. My absolute dreampurse is the Chanel 2.55, which I unfortunately can't afford, but who knows, maybe Santa checks my blog? ;)

Christmas Eve Idea II

For this second outfit, I chose a nude lace dress that doesn't fit as tightly as the black one above, which is great if your family is like mine and you're going to have lots of delicious food. Shoes and jewellery should be kept nude as well - I absolutely fell in love with these owl-studs. In order to add a bit of festiveness, you can go for golden details, which in my opinion perfectly match and complete the outfit. I love Abercrombie and Fitch's cardigans, because they are incredibly versitile - you can wear them to school, job, or like here to give the light outfit a bit more definition. For the same reason I thought grey, silver and black would be the perfect colors for the make-up. I'd also go for a nude lip, 'cause I think it perfectly matches the outfit.

Christmas Eve Idea III

If you don't like wearing dresses or if it's just too cold where you live, you can totally still rock this trend. A pair of simple black jeggings combined with an elegant blouse are the basics you can start building up on. A cardigan with lace detailing is perfect for such elegant occasions. To stay true to the lace, I chose this purse that is covered in lace - it is a subdued way to underline the lace in your cardigan. This outfit doesn't offer a lot of place for exessive jewellery, which is why I chose these dark pearl-studs, which are just gorgeous in my opinion. When it comes to make-up, this is an allround-outfit, which really goes with anything. Personally, I'd go for a nude lip and dark liner or smokey-eye. I really love Butter London's nailpolish in "British Racing Green", 'cause it reminds me of my christmas tree. For this outfit, I would chose patent leather stilettos, because they're adding an extra-elegant touch to the outfit.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

Keeping warm...

Hi guys!

It's getting colder every day, which I'm so excited about 'cause first of all we're getting closer to the holidays and second, I get to wear all my warm and chunky stuff. Back when I was younger I used to refuse to wear anything like that, because I was convinced that it was totally "grandma-style" and not sexy/stylish at all - fortunately I'm not like that anymore! This picture shows the sweater I'm wearing right now - it's really warm, and what I love about it is that is the "off-the-shoulder"-cut, which gives it a flirty touch. Another thing that I'm really obsessed with are infinity scarfs - this one is wool and is just the warmest thing I can imagine!
Later today I'm going to English class (yes, since I'm not a native speaker, I take extra-classes outside of school), where we're having the first Christmas party of the year. It's going to be fun and most of all loads of cookies to eat, so I'm really looking forward to it! I really hope I can get another post up tonight, so I hopefully talk to you guys later!

Sweater: Rinascimento Leggings: Levi's Scarf: Passigatti Nail Polish: Butter London - The Old Bill


P.S. Thank you so much to my first followers/subscribers! I really appreciate your interest in this blog and if there's anything you'd like me to write about, just let me know. I want my blog to be as interesting, entertaining and helpful as possible, so please feel free to tell me your opinion!

Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011

How to: Wear sequins on New Year's Eve

Hi guys!

The holiday season is coming up and just like many many others of you, I'm going to quite some parties and get-togethers. One of the really big events is of course New Year's Eve, which almost claims for sparkly, glittery outfits - and this year we're lucky: Sequins are one of the main trends of the season. Unfortunately, they're not easy to style, since they're real eye-catchers and tend to overwhelm an outfit. I tried my best to create three ideas how to style three different pieces with sequins for New Year's Eve or any other party without ending up looking like a disco ball!

New Year's Eve II

For this first outfit, I've gone with two options for this really sexy sequin skirt. For a more classy, sophisticated look I suggest going with a white blouse that has some detailing i.e. bows or ruffles and some nice, classic black stilettos. As for jewellery I'd stick with something elegant, for example a nice golden ring. If you want a more edgy style, you could try a funky tank top that you tuck into the skirt and some black heeled ankle boots. Try to avoid however too much accessories and choose one statement-piece that catches the eye. In both of the cases I think black eyeliner and nail polish would pull the whole outfit together, and if you're brave enough you defenitely can go for a red lip too (I would!). And since lace is probably one of my biggest loves, I chose this clutch to go along with both of the outfits.


If you're not that keen of dresses/skirts, this is also very fun outfit, that I'd definitely wear out. I combined these dark washed jeggings with a cropped sequin top - you could also wear nothing underneath, but I recommend wearing a very basic tanktop underneath. Over it, I'd wear a well-fitted or also a boyfriend blazer, which I feel balances the funky sequins. As for shoes, I love laced-up booties because they have just the right amount of edginess. This is a really great outfit to wear a funky headband with - again, keep the jewellery simple, but definitely visible. Personally, I'd wear a nude lip and a bit heavier black eyeliner with silver nails, but I think red nails and a smokey eye would also look great. I love, love, love quilted purses, so I've gone with this one in black leather.

New Year's Eve Idea No. 1

This third outfit is my favourite, but also the hardest to style: I chose this longsleved, tight-fitted sequin dress, which I think is just because of its silhouette totally sexy. That shape paired with the sequins make it the perfect dress for parties where you want to stand out. I would do without any accessories, but if I had to pick one, it would be big, elegant earrings. To make the shape of the dress stand out even more, I'd wear long hair in an updo. As for shoes and purse, I'd go with something very basic - you can never go wrong with a pair of black stilettos and a black leather purse. A simple, yet very elegant make-up such as a winged-out black eyeliner and a nude lip, make this look perfect. Since this is my favourite look, I've also chosen my favourite nailpolish, which is Chanel's 529 Graphite, a really nice silver with just the right amount and size of glitter. If you're wondering about the red underwear... Well, I'm italian and it's tradition in Italy that we wear red underwear on New Year's Eve - it is supposed to bring good luck for the whole year!

I really hope you guys liked this post and found it interesting/helpful! I'm planning on doing more posts like this, so definitely let me know what you think!



Hi everyone,

welcome to gattovagabondo!
My name is Greta, I'm eighteen years old and this ought to be sort of my fashion-beauty-lifestyle-whatever blog. I really think this is gonna be loads of fun (which is what I'm doing this for!) and maybe also helpful as kind of an exchange of experience and ideas with other people who share my passion and hobbies. I hope to see you guys soon!