Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

How to: Rock lace on Christmas Eve (or other winter-holidays)

Hi guys!

A week ago, I did a trend-inspired post, which featured three outfits containing sequins for New Year's Eve parties. That post was quite popular, which is why I decided to post something very similar. This time it's all about another current trend: Lace! I think I mentioned before that I am absolutely obsessed with lace, which is why I really enjoyed preparing this post. Since the holidays are getting closer and probably many of you are going to some kind of family get-together, I figured that would be the best occasion to wear these outfits, but of course you can wear them whenever you feel like!

Christmas Eve Idea I

This outfit is more or less what I am going to wear on Christmas Eve when I'm having dinner with my whole family. Black lace-dresses that are see-through at your arms and maybe on your decolletè are extremely elegant and sexy at the same time. For a family-event, I'd suggest wearing at least semi-opaque black tights, for a party with friends or a date you can also pull of wearing something that shows a bit more skin. As for shoes, I'd stick with something very classy and elegant like these stilettos - I really like the bow, I think it's a funny, flirty detail. A black or grey cardigan looks best over the dress, 'cause it doesn't take the focus off the dress. I would wear little, but nice and elegant jewellery, such as a pair of pearl-studs and a nice necklace (which you find maybe underneath the tree?). To give your make-up a festive touch, a dark-red, almost plum-colored lipstick is great. I really love the nailpolish from Chanel's Christmas-collection - it's pretty and festive with all it's gold glitters. My absolute dreampurse is the Chanel 2.55, which I unfortunately can't afford, but who knows, maybe Santa checks my blog? ;)

Christmas Eve Idea II

For this second outfit, I chose a nude lace dress that doesn't fit as tightly as the black one above, which is great if your family is like mine and you're going to have lots of delicious food. Shoes and jewellery should be kept nude as well - I absolutely fell in love with these owl-studs. In order to add a bit of festiveness, you can go for golden details, which in my opinion perfectly match and complete the outfit. I love Abercrombie and Fitch's cardigans, because they are incredibly versitile - you can wear them to school, job, or like here to give the light outfit a bit more definition. For the same reason I thought grey, silver and black would be the perfect colors for the make-up. I'd also go for a nude lip, 'cause I think it perfectly matches the outfit.

Christmas Eve Idea III

If you don't like wearing dresses or if it's just too cold where you live, you can totally still rock this trend. A pair of simple black jeggings combined with an elegant blouse are the basics you can start building up on. A cardigan with lace detailing is perfect for such elegant occasions. To stay true to the lace, I chose this purse that is covered in lace - it is a subdued way to underline the lace in your cardigan. This outfit doesn't offer a lot of place for exessive jewellery, which is why I chose these dark pearl-studs, which are just gorgeous in my opinion. When it comes to make-up, this is an allround-outfit, which really goes with anything. Personally, I'd go for a nude lip and dark liner or smokey-eye. I really love Butter London's nailpolish in "British Racing Green", 'cause it reminds me of my christmas tree. For this outfit, I would chose patent leather stilettos, because they're adding an extra-elegant touch to the outfit.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!


  1. Wow! Amazing outfits, love the second one!!!!

    Great blog pretty girl, follor you right now!


  2. hello sweetheart!thank you so much for your comment!i like your blog and your outfits, especially the first one!love it!hope to keep in touch.kisses***

  3. I absolutely love lace! The outfits that you have put together look fantastic! That first dress is beautiful and I love the bow shoes with it. These are all really cute, but sexy!

  4. love the dress in the 2nd look :)

  5. I love lace dresses, and the perfume from Dolce and Gabbana, The One.
    I would be glad if we followed each other, visit my blog if you want and tell me what you think of it! :)