Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

How to: Go stylish, comfy and warm through winter vacation

Hey guys!
It's been quite a while again which is due to the massive amount of family get-togethers in the past days - winter vacations are always like this: You eat a lot, it's freaking cold (at least where I live) and you spend lots of time with your friends/family. This is why I thought I'd create these four stylish, warm and comfy winter outfits to give you guys an idea of what you could wear during this period:

vacation idea no. 1

This is a very basic outfit, for when you're just hanging out at some friend's place with a nice movie and hot chocolate. As you guys might have noticed, I'm huge on jeggings - I think they are just the most comfortable way to look stylish. This winter boat-neck sweaters and tops are really in, which is why I chose this one - it actually is from Gucci, but honestly, you can find them everywhere! As for shoes, flat ankle boots are one of my big loves, because it's amazing how versitile they are; you can wear them during summer and during winter with really everything! Since it's probably quite cold, you don't want to forget about a nice scarf. This outfit would look great with a long, golden necklace - other than that, I'd keep the jewellery simple. When you go to a friend's house, you want a nice purse, that's not too large, but still fits everything you need - the Speedy by Louis Vuitton is a great choice and talking out of experience I can say that it is a wonderful bag! And last but not least: Don't forget about a pair of nice and warm socks, 'cause I find it kind of rude to walk around in shoes in other people's houses, even when it's cold.

vacations idea no. 2

A-lined dresses and skirts are really in this season - and I am in love with them 'cause they're extremely feminine and comfy at the same time. By adding a warm, cropped sweater you not only add a warm layer, but also another trendy piece. I love the way cropped sweaters accentuate the waistline - if you really want to emphasize this part of your body, try adding a narrow belt. Knit over-the-knee socks are sexy and really warm at the same time - depending on where you live you can either wear them on your bare skin or above some tights. Some lace-up ankle boots complete the look - if you want to create the appearance of longer legs, try sticking with the same color as the over-the-knee socks. A beanie and a scarf will keep you warm and add another bit of playfulness to this outfit. 

vacation idea no. 3

This third idea is a great outfit for shopping with your girls and also for a date with your special other. As I said, A-lined skirts are very fashionable - if you do however for any reason not like them, you can always go with a short and tight pencil-skirt. I love large stripes like the ones of this sweater - make sure you tuck the sweater into your skirt and if you choose the A-lined skirt, then I recommend adding a waist-belt to emphasize the narrow waist. In order to keep you warm and cosy, you can layer a wool or cashmere coat over the rest of the outfit. For this, I'd wear some normal semi-opaque black tights and above them, some knee-high socks with some playful detailing i.e. bows; this makes your look really unique and sexy. I've already chosen these shoes for another more formal outfit a few posts ago - this time I wanted to show how you could wear something preppy for everyday. I would recommend keeping the jewellery simple but definitely visible, using for exemple a long gemstone-necklace. A nice pair of leather gloves, a big bag and some cat-eye sunglasses and your ready to go!

vacation idea no. 4

This last outfit is what I'd wear when it's really cold and there's nothing you actually can do besides staying inside at someone's place playing video games. I chose a pair of simple skinny jeans and a large, warm cashmere-sweater. This is really simple, so to add a bit of colour you could try going with a patterned scarf; here I've used a big leo-scarf. Depending on your preference you can layer a coat or a down-jacket on top - my personal experience is that down is warmer than any other fabric, which is why after many years of coats I've switched back to down-jackets. There's nothing warmer than UGG-boots and unless it is snowing (they are kind of slippery!) they are my No. 1 go-to shoes during winter. Since this is just a house-outfit, I'd avoid too much jewellery - this necklace is perfect, 'cause it's simple and elegant at the same time. A pair of warm house shoes is the perfect choice to look cute and keep your feet warm.

Which one do you like best/is most your style?
Hope you guys have an awesome vacation!


  1. I really love that owl necklace - great blog :)


  2. These are all such beautiful outfits! Comfy, stylish, cute! Loving that owl necklace!

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