Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011

How to: Wear sequins on New Year's Eve

Hi guys!

The holiday season is coming up and just like many many others of you, I'm going to quite some parties and get-togethers. One of the really big events is of course New Year's Eve, which almost claims for sparkly, glittery outfits - and this year we're lucky: Sequins are one of the main trends of the season. Unfortunately, they're not easy to style, since they're real eye-catchers and tend to overwhelm an outfit. I tried my best to create three ideas how to style three different pieces with sequins for New Year's Eve or any other party without ending up looking like a disco ball!

New Year's Eve II

For this first outfit, I've gone with two options for this really sexy sequin skirt. For a more classy, sophisticated look I suggest going with a white blouse that has some detailing i.e. bows or ruffles and some nice, classic black stilettos. As for jewellery I'd stick with something elegant, for example a nice golden ring. If you want a more edgy style, you could try a funky tank top that you tuck into the skirt and some black heeled ankle boots. Try to avoid however too much accessories and choose one statement-piece that catches the eye. In both of the cases I think black eyeliner and nail polish would pull the whole outfit together, and if you're brave enough you defenitely can go for a red lip too (I would!). And since lace is probably one of my biggest loves, I chose this clutch to go along with both of the outfits.


If you're not that keen of dresses/skirts, this is also very fun outfit, that I'd definitely wear out. I combined these dark washed jeggings with a cropped sequin top - you could also wear nothing underneath, but I recommend wearing a very basic tanktop underneath. Over it, I'd wear a well-fitted or also a boyfriend blazer, which I feel balances the funky sequins. As for shoes, I love laced-up booties because they have just the right amount of edginess. This is a really great outfit to wear a funky headband with - again, keep the jewellery simple, but definitely visible. Personally, I'd wear a nude lip and a bit heavier black eyeliner with silver nails, but I think red nails and a smokey eye would also look great. I love, love, love quilted purses, so I've gone with this one in black leather.

New Year's Eve Idea No. 1

This third outfit is my favourite, but also the hardest to style: I chose this longsleved, tight-fitted sequin dress, which I think is just because of its silhouette totally sexy. That shape paired with the sequins make it the perfect dress for parties where you want to stand out. I would do without any accessories, but if I had to pick one, it would be big, elegant earrings. To make the shape of the dress stand out even more, I'd wear long hair in an updo. As for shoes and purse, I'd go with something very basic - you can never go wrong with a pair of black stilettos and a black leather purse. A simple, yet very elegant make-up such as a winged-out black eyeliner and a nude lip, make this look perfect. Since this is my favourite look, I've also chosen my favourite nailpolish, which is Chanel's 529 Graphite, a really nice silver with just the right amount and size of glitter. If you're wondering about the red underwear... Well, I'm italian and it's tradition in Italy that we wear red underwear on New Year's Eve - it is supposed to bring good luck for the whole year!

I really hope you guys liked this post and found it interesting/helpful! I'm planning on doing more posts like this, so definitely let me know what you think!



  1. love this post xxx
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  2. I love that you chose the sequin trend for New Year's Eve!!!!!! Sequins will always be in on the flashiest holiday of the year!

    Love always,
    Breckenridge Clare

  3. Wow! Love those looks! Soooooo inspiring! :)

    Great selection, sweetie!


  4. I love this post! Especially that gold sequinned mini. I really want to do the whole sequinny thing this year, you've given me some great ideas!

    Great blog too, definitely keeping up with you!


  5. totally in love with ur first choice!!!kisses
    La Folie 

  6. first collection is my favorite one, really great.